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Brief introduction to the library

  • Date:2016-07-25
  • Department:桃園市立圖書館

Functions and Tasks

Released on: 18 November 2014   Released by: Taoyuan City Library


Contact Info



Tel: 03-3322592 ext 8400



In charge of all library tasks of city public library and supervises library employees.


Tel: 03-3322592 ext 8422


  1. Assists the director on all library tasks of city public library
  2. Other tasks assigned by the director

Library Information Section

Tel: 03-3322592 ext 8417


  1. Manage reading, viewing and borrowing services.
  2. Visit, perform assessment on, and provide assistance to branch libraries.
  3. Organize special collections of branch libraries.
  4. Purchase books and materials for collection; Subscribe to newspapers and journals.
  5. Form policies on library collections and numbering principles.
  6. Purchase and classify electronic resources and switch file forms.
  7. All book and data exchanges and gifts.
  8. Cooperation between libraries, inventory check and collection elimination.
  9. Hold each type of library collection exhibitions and events.

10.  Perform duties at desks, manage and coordinate volunteers.

Knowledge & Service Unit

Tel: 03-2868868 ext 2003


  1. Responsible for overall planning of promoting events.
  2. Supervise branches’ book reading promoting events.
  3. Literature-related tasks
  4. Employee and volunteer training and management
  5. Promote all types of reading materials.
  6. Organize book exchanges and book circulating activities.

Administration Section

Tel: 03-2868868 ext 2036


  1. Procurement affairs
  2. Manage cashier and petty cash affairs.
  3. Documents and official seals management.
  4. Research and evaluation affairs.
  5. Property, temporary staffs and guard management
  6. Space improvement and repairs
  7. Office greening affairs and cleaning affairs.
  8. Information and data systems, software and hardware management

Accounting Office

Tel: 03-2868868 ext 2016


In charge of Taoyuan public library annual budget cycle, accounting and statistics.

Personnel Office

Tel: 03-2868868 ext 2014


In charge of Taoyuan public library human resources.

Governmental Ethics Office

Tel: 03-2868868 ext 2015


In charge of Taoyuan public library ethics.

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