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Two Databases of Funday and Tumble Books Are Provided for You to Learn English Easily!

  • Date:2014-09-15
  • Department:桃園市立圖書館

To respond to the English learning trend, the library has recently procured “Funday online platform of language learning” and “Tumble Books Library for young children” for readers to learn English from a variety of materials and lively fun children’s picture books.

The content of “Funday online platform of language learning” is classified by “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR) and contains 19 channels such as Health, Culture, Life and Holiday, etc. Learning modes of TOEIC mock tests, full texts reading, reading by sentences, speed reading and detailed reading are provided. It is available for both computer and mobile devices. Maximum of 15 persons online are allowed at the same time

“Tumble Books Library for young children” features the authentic American English pronunciation of real person’s voice and is companied by fun and lively animations. The contents from the level for beginners to the higher level are well arranged. Children will be able to learn English happily through an interactive and vivid teaching method. Some of the books are provided with Spanish and French versions. The service would be an ideal choice for parents and their children to enjoy reading together.

Act now and go online at “e-Database” of “e-Resource (e-Book)” on “Taoyuan County Public Library Information Service Network”. All services are there at your disposal.

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