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New e-Databases Are Provided for You to Read the World While Listening to the Music!

  • Date:2014-09-22
  • Department:桃園市立圖書館

Two e-Databases of “Naxos Online Libraries” and “Udndata-original newspaper database for United Daily and Economic Daily” are recently acquired for you to easily enjoy the music and read everything in the world!

1,450,000 tracks of music are collected by “Naxos Online Libraries” and the number continues to grow each month. The music genres include “Classical”, “Jazz”, “Nostalgia”, “Blues”, “Folk Song”, “Children’s Song”, “Country”, “POP/Rock”, “Movie Soundtrack”, etc. A wide range of music from medieval age to contemporary compositions is inclusive and available for the use of either computer or mobile devices. Maximum of 10 people online are allowed at the same time.

The photo images of United Daily and Economic Daily from 2003 till now are collected by “Udndata-original newspaper database” and updated every day. All page information such as local news and advertisement are inclusive along with the functions of Search and Print are provided. It is the must-have tool for searching news and information. The database is not available for mobile devices. Maximum of 5 persons online are allowed at the same time for each newspaper.

Stop hesitating and go visit “e-Database” of “e-Resource (e-Book inclusive)” online at “Taoyuan County Public Library Information Service Network”. All services are there at your disposal.

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