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  • Date:2014-11-11
  • Department:桃園市立圖書館大竹分館

【Address】No.155, Shangxing Rd., Zhongfu Vil., Luzhu City, Taoyuan County 338, Taiwan
The Branch is situated on No.155 Shangxing Road and opposite to Dazhu Fire Station.
1. Take Jungli Bus towards Bajiaodianfrom Taoyuan and get off at Shangxing Park Stop.
2. Take Taoyuan Bus towards Dayuan by passing Wukuaicu, get off at Dazhu Stop and walk about 15min.
3. By Car: Nankan Interchange→Nankan Road→Sect.1 of Nanzhu Road→Sect.2 of Nanzhu Road→Dazhu Road→Shangxing Road→Dazhu 1st Street→Dazhu Branch.

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