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  • Date:2014-11-11
  • Department:桃園市立圖書館蘆竹分館

【Address】No.255, Wufu 1st Rd., Wufu Village, LuzhuDistrict, Taoyuan City
1. Take National Freeway No.1 and exit from Nankan Interchange towards Zhongzheng Road (the direction to the International Airport), get off at the McDonald’s Stop on Xinnan Road and walk round 20min to arrive at the left side of the front door of Nankan Senior High School.
2 Take buses towards Haihu, Fuhai, Zhuwei, Maoweiqi, Infant Asylum, Chituqi, Shanjiau, TaoyuanInternational Airport and get off at Nankan Stop, walk around 20min; or alternativelytake the bus Route 5014 of Taoyuan-Nanxiang-Nankan and the free shuttle bus within Luzhu Township, get off at Nankan Senior High School Stop and walk around 2min.
3. By Car: Nankan Interchange→Township Office→Nankan Road→Sec.1 of Renai Road→Wufu 1st Road→Luzhu Branch.

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